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A list of frequently discussed topics have been assembled for your convenience.  If you have further inquiries please contact us.


A licensed bartender is required for all events serving alcoholic beverage to guests- no exceptions allowed.  Alcoholic beverages include, but are not limited to beer, wine, champagne, rum, liquor, and wine coolers.  Please note, the bartender and/ or event host assumes liability for all beverages the bartender and/ or event hosts serves to guests during the course of a respective KITSPA & Events party.  KITSPA & Events assumes no liability if a guest becomes ill due to consuming beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, provided by a caterer or event host.


KITSPA & Events will love to make your event dreams come true; however, we understand that life happens and a party cancellation may be needed.  In such an event, KITSPA & Events abides by the following cancellation guidelines:

Cancellation within 45 days of scheduled event: KITSPA & Events will refund 50% of the deposit

Cancellation after 45 days of scheduled event: KITSPA & Events will deem deposit paid as non-refundable.


KITSPA & Events does not offer catering service but wants you to satiate your taste buds and employ any caterer of your choosing.  All catering food prep must be prepared offsite as no cooking is allowed in the event spa.  Additionally, the event host or the catering service must supply all dinnerware, silverware, drink ware, paper products, and ice.  Please note, the caterers and/ or event host assumes liability for all food the caterer and/ or event hosts served to guests during the course of a respective KITSPA & Events party.  KITSPA & Events assumes no liability if a guest becomes ill due to consuming food provided by a caterer or event host.


KITSPA & Events provides clean up services after all events at no cost to the host. In order for KITSPA & Events staff to fully clean and restore the space to its original state all vendors must retrieve equipment and/ or rentals no later than one hour after the close of the event.


KITSPA & Events wants your vision to come to life when decorating your event.  However, to ensure the walls, floors, and ceiling of the event spa remain unblemished KITSPA & Events management must approve all decorations prior to the scheduled event.  As a general rule of thumb please: 1) Refrain from using damaging adhesives to hang and display décor (i.e. staples, thumbtacks, nails, screws, tape, etc.) 2) Refrain from using tiny, hard to remove decorative particles such as glitter, confetti, sequin, fake snow powder, etc.


KITSPA & Events offers event spa access for a five hour time span.  If you desire access to the event spa earlier for set-up please take advantage of our add-on option at booking.  Additional time after booking may not be available.


KITSPA & Events wants party guests to enjoy our event spa but to also be kind to the space.  In the event, that KITSPA & Events property is damaged during an event by guests, vendors, host’s agents, or anyone else admitted to the event spa during a hosted event, the event host will reimburse KITPSA & Events for all damages. 


KITSPA & Events wants your party to be all that you imagined.  If that includes a musical component, DJs and live music are welcomed to supply the sounds at your event provided they bring their own equipment.  Alternatively, KITSPA & Events has a complimentary Bluetooth enabled sound system that is available to hosts and compatible to most wireless devices.  As with the case with ether option, all music must end at the close of the event.


Over 100 parking spaces are available to KITSPA & Event guests.  Parking is complimentary.


The average size of a KITSPA & Events party is fifty guests. However KITSPA & Events can host parties of up to 90 people or as few as you like.


KITSPA & Events requires 50% of the balance due to reserve a requested party date  Final payment is due 14 days prior to the scheduled event.  Events booked less than 14 days from the event date must be paid in full.  KITSPA & Events accepts credit cards, debit cards, and checks. All checks should be made payable to KITSPA & Events, LLC.  KITSPA & Events does not accept checks less than 7 days from the scheduled event . Any returned checks will encounter a $50 return check fee.  


KITSPA & Events is a private event spa.  All parties hosted at the event spa are paid for in full by the event host prior to the scheduled event date.  KITSPA & Events strictly forbids events that require guests to pay at the door or to purchase pre-paid tickets for admittance.  All events violating this policy will come to an immediate close and all monies paid will be forfeited.  Please contact us at for questions, concerns, or exceptions to this policy.


KITSPA & Events is a smoke free event spa.  Guests violating this policy prohibits current and near future guests from having a clean and fresh event spa experience.   Any violation to this policy will result in a $300 cleaning fee charged to the party host. 


KITSPA & Events wants your party to be flawless and without interruption.  We request all vendors to perform delivery, set up, and break down activities before the event begins and once the event ends.  

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